SNEAK PEEK: “Chasing God’s Heart” Foreword (written by Dr. Kevin D. Glenn)

My new book, Chasing God’s Heart will be released next week. Chasing God’s Heart was written as an examination of the life of King David as a way of helping you, the reader, gain a greater intimacy with God. Along the way, I’ve been blessed by my own study of the life of David and I’d love to explain more about the book, but I’ll let Dr. Kevin D. Glenn do that for me here. Posted below is the foreword that you can read in my new book (which you can read in its entirety if you purchase the book next week).

Dr. Glenn is currently the Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Las Cruces, New Mexico. As you’ll see below, Kevin is a remarkable writer whose words come to life. If you would like to read more from him, he has written a book that calls Christians to a Christ-centered civility titled Hand Over Fist which you can purchase by clicking HERE. You can also check out his blog at for more insightful writings:


I remember the day I met my wife like it was yesterday. I recall what she was wearing, where she was standing, who was with us, and even the topic of conversation. She does not recall the day with such vivid detail. In fact, she doesn’t remember it at all. Her memories pick up when I made the effort to ask her out. That’s because she said, “no,” but I kept asking.

Between our first meeting and first date there was a pursuit. The same was true between our first date and the moment I knelt to purpose to her. My pursuit was passionate, relentless, and full of ups and downs. The pursuit of my relationship with the woman who would one day become my wife and best friend, was a pursuit that began and continues along a path that is beset with joy and sorrow, seasons of exciting growth and seasons of steady solidification, understanding and frustration, nearness and alienation, and a myriad of other polarities. One thing the pursuit has not been is static. It’s the always moving, ever-evolving nature of that early and continued pursuit of this woman who is at once familiar and mysterious that makes our relationship one of adventure.

Adventurous is a term that could easily be applied to the life of King David. It would encompass other descriptions like ambitious, tumultuous, disastrous, and victorious. David is a personality within which anyone and everyone can find glimpses of themselves, be it a glimpse of our best or our worst. He lived in a way that provided his contemporaries as well as countless men and women through the years an example of one’s potential for both greatness and failure.

As complex a character as David was, the consistency was his relentless pursuit of God. In his youth and in old age, David sought to better understand how to trust Yahweh. In his moments of fear, he pursued God as the only refuge he knew to be sufficient. In uncertainty, he recalled the solid foundation his faith would provide. When he could not see the long way ahead, he was confident that God’s Word would illuminate his way, and content if the light only revealed the next right step. In victory, he was quick to credit the strength given by God. In defeat, he recognized efforts made in is strength alone. In anger, he cried to God for justice. In anguish, he pleaded for comfort. In sin, he wept for forgiveness. When forgiven, he danced for joy. His expressions to God were raw and unfiltered, but also rhythmic and refined. He was a warrior/poet, who expressed the deepest emotions of the human experience in ways that resonate with us all.

I’ve always believed that when we lack experience, we must borrow it from others. David provides the experience of a relentless pursuit of God’s heart. We read of it, sing about it, study it, discuss it, and would agree we would do well to imitate such a pursuit. What I think we’re missing is a guide; a facilitator, a companion on the path of pursuit. Anthony Ochoa has provided such a resource here.

In these pages, you’ll be reacquainted with the familiar parts of David’s pursuit. However, you’ll be provided with insights and tools by which David’s experiences can connect with your own. Anthony has a way of pointing out how the ideas, principles, lessons, and choices of someone who lived thousands of years ago have a profound impact on the steps we take in real-time. The intensity of David’s pursuit is palpable in this volume. It’s a pursuit that calls, confronts, and comforts each of us to chase the heart of a Heavenly Father who is at the same time increasingly familiar and mysterious. One who bears us up from beneath, and sets our feet on solid ground from above. One who makes us lie down in green pastures, walks beside us through the valley of death’s shadow, aggressively pursues us by his goodness and mercy, finally leading us to his house of eternal shalom.

You may be wandering; wondering where and how to begin this pursuit. Perhaps you’re afraid of the first step being the wrong one. Don’t be. As Thomas Merton prayed long ago, “I believe that the desire to please you does in fact please you.” In the same way, the desire to chase God’s heart is the first step in that good and great pursuit.

So start here.

Start now.

Let the race begin!


Kevin D. Glenn

Las Cruces, New Mexico

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